The Sentinel Effect: The theory that productivity and outcomes can be improved through the process of observation and measurement. Based on the now-controversial ‘Hawthorne study’ of the 1930’s.

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Richard Eskow is CEO of Health Knowledge Systems (HKS) in Los Angeles, which provides data entry, bill review, care management, and related services to the healthcare and workers’ compensation industries. Through Eskow & Associates, Richard is also a consultant specializing in healthcare and insurance administration, IT, strategic planning, medical management, health policy, marketing, finance, and communications. Most clients are in the information, insurance, and medical industries, although Richard has also worked with NGO’s, state and national governments, and in the entertainment industry (film and music).

Richard was head of medical management for the nation’s largest workers’ compensation insurer, served as Vice President or Senior Vice President of several other insurers, and was CEO of two medical management companies before forming HKS. He also served as a senior consultant to the World Bank, the U.S. State Department/USAID, and government and private entities in over 20 foreign countries. Areas of expertise included health policy, healthcare investment, operations, marketing, and strategic planning.



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