Cavalcade of Risk: The Spamalot Version

May 20, 2009


It’s our turn to host the “Cavalcade of Risk,” which is what they call a “blog carnival.”  Blog carnivals are collections of linked posts around a common theme.  In this case, that theme is “risk” – its concepts, theory, and applications.  Risk topics can include economics, insurance, public, policy, and health.  Unfortunately a lot of people seem to have found the “Risk” heading and decided it would be a good target for posts that sell their services in the area of personal finance.   So it’s turned into a Cavalcade of Spam.

Some of these “submissions” are from”cash loan” sites.  Others are headlines “Stock Trading Riches.”  Some have only one post on the entire blog.  One isn’t even about personal finance.  It reads:  “Our team of designers came up with the ultimate wedding limousine and party ride that you can rent out for your night out in new york, new jersey, or Connecticut for a very low hourly rate. ”

This is a carnival, people, not a circus!

End of rant.  Some postings from respected friends, colleagues, and new but clearly well-informed people were buried in that torrent of spamvertisements, and we happily cite them below (some other worthy posts were only marginally relevant, or repeated well-known ideas, and were cut for space reasons):

Jason Shafrin presents Why the CDC ignored Swine Flu warnings: Type I vs. Type II Errors posted at Healthcare Economist, saying, “Why did the CDC and WHO ignore early warnings of a flu outbreak in Mexico? The concept of Type I and Type II errors may help to explain their thinking.”  Good stuff.

Michael F. Cannon’s take on the Obama Health Summit in Cato At Liberty is that the misunderstanding about the industry commitment to health savings was the Administration’s fault. He writes that “…the event was a fraud.  And the industry got burned.”

John Leppard at Health Care Manumission wasn’t psyched about that summit, either.

I (Richard Eskow) wrote in The Sentinel Effect about a risk management (and Bono-like “one world”) perspective on the swine flu – as a personal vs. collective threat – in “The Swine Flu, The Universe, and Everything.”

The Loreen blog reports that certain mental health meds may increase one’s risk of cardiac death.

At Mostly Economics, blogger Amol Agrawal discusses risk management issues.

Bob Vineyard at Insureblog suggests that proposed new taxes actually mean the government will come to depend on risky health behaviors like smoking and drinking for income. (Or, I suppose, the behaviors will diminish and costs will go down.) He also challenges the spurious-sounding assumption that HSAs encourage overconsumption of resources.

Jaan Sidorov of the Disease Management Care Blog shows how much he likes (or at least respects) actuaries in this review of a Milliman report on how to reduce the health care cost trend.  He supplements their recommendations with observations on how the Milliman suggestions can make a big difference.

David Williams at the Health Business Blog celebrates the progress demonstrated by the fact that people with AIDS can now buy life insurance.

Nancy Germond at – Risk Management for the 21st Century looks at how health reform could impact small business, reflecting on the cost-benefit of wellness programs (although small business health care tends to be fully insured and therefore less sensitive to these interventions).

And speaking of risk! Jon Coppelman of Workers Comp Insider looks at texting while operating motor vehicles on the job.  If U R texting U R crazee.  But I have to go now.  I’m posting this while operating my car, and I need both hands to downshift now.

Texting while driving would be so hard if it weren’t for all that freakin’ spam.


10 Responses to “Cavalcade of Risk: The Spamalot Version”

  1. Nicely done. It’s always shocking how much spam arrives when hosting this carnival

  2. hgstern Says:

    Super job, Richard!

    And I share your and David’s concern re: spam. It’s become a major impediment, and one which I’ve been wrestling with a lot of late (as have other Carnival coordinators). Any suggestions are MOST welcome!

    Thanks again for hosting!!

  3. […] Sentinel Effect hosts a Spamalot version of the Cavalcade of Risk. Yours truly bats leadoff in this […]

  4. […] Risk. You can quantify it. You can transfer it. It will build financial empires. It will destroy market caps overnight. It may also generate a lot of spam. Learn about all of that and more over at Richard Eskow’s ‘The Sentinel Effect’ and its Spamalot Version! […]

  5. Marinkina Says:

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  6. Cederash Says:

    Неоднократно доводилось читать подобные посты на англоязычных блогах, но это не значит что ваш пост мне не понравился

  7. Ferinannnd Says:

    Занимательная интересная статья Да и в отличие от большинства других подобных советов воду в уши не льешь

  8. Andrew Says:

    I have adopted a fairly simple strategy – my email is hosted on gmail as their spam filter is pretty sharp. The other strategy is to automatically moderate anything with the domain “” included in it.
    That gets around 95 to 99% of it.

  9. Avertedd Says:

    Млин, спамеры просто достали уже этим своим примитивом!

  10. Manifest Says:

    Thnx nice post dude

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