Will PHPs Succeed or Fail? It’s All About Execution … Which Means Investment

May 24, 2007


Highmark (Blue Cross Blue Shield of PA) is offering an online Personal Health Record portal, or PHR. As HealthDataManagement.com reports:

Available through a secure page at highmarkbcbs.com, the Pittsburgh-based insurer will automatically populate PHRs with relevant claims and administrative data that includes dates of service, diagnoses and treatments, medications and other information.

The PHR includes tracking technology that enables users to keep records on certain health status measures, such as blood glucose, blood pressure, cholesterol level and weight. Other recordkeeping functions include medication tracking, immunizations, physician information, treatment history and allergies. Members also can enter additional information in their PHR, which is printable to share with clinicians.

Highmark further will offer PHR users personalized plans for improving their health. The PHR includes links to educational materials.

There are a lot of factors to consider in good web portal design – including variations in literacy rates, ease of access, generational/cultural differences in how people interact with a screen, identifying the “teachability moment” in health education, and much more. That doesn’t even touch the issue of content. Execution will determine the success or failure of the PHP concept.

There’s a good opportunity for the right team to build the content and develop design templates for PHPs. The question is: Where is that team? There’s an investment opportunity out there for the right partners …

(courtesy iHealthBeat – California HealthCare Foundation)


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