Our Online Seminar On Auditing Managed Care

February 19, 2007

Here’s one from the Dept. of Shameless Self-Promotion. We’ll be giving an online seminar this Thursday for medical management, claims, and insurance professionals. Here’s the info:

MedMetrics Offers Free Audio Conference On Evaluating the Effectiveness of Your Managed Care Programs – How to Conduct an Electronic Audit

Published 02-13-2007

Presented by Richard Eskow
Sponsored By WorkersCompensation.com

Bend, OR (WCNPC) – The effectiveness of Workers Compensation managed care programs is increasingly being questioned. Do managed care programs actually result in better outcomes? Do they save money? Provider networks, case management, utilization review, and other medical management techniques have been implemented throughout the industry in a broad-brush, �one size fits all� fashion.

How can payers know its managed care vendors � or internal departments � are working effectively and getting positive results? How can the effectiveness of a medical management vendor or department be measured? What is its impact on claims? How can payers use that data to report back to clients (internal or external), and to improve their effectiveness?

In this seminar, Mr. Eskow will review techniques for conducting an electronic audit of medical management programs. Mr. Eskow also address practical issues of gaining access to vendor data, common mistakes in data interpretation, and how to convert data into useful information that can be converted to a medical/claims business strategy.

This complementary audio conference will be held February 22, 2007 at 10 am Pacific, 11 am Mountain, 12 noon Central and 1 pm Eastern times. Please respond to this e-mail to register. Include your name, title, name of your company and telephone number. Two days before the seminar you will receive course materials and conference access information by e-mail.

Richard Eskow, a seasoned senior-level workers compensation medical management consultant, is a MedMetrics Data Action Team Associate. Other MedMetrics D.A.T.A. consultants are Kimberly Wiswell, Lynne Poppe, and Janet Jamieson, PhD.

Health Knowledge Systems and Eskow & Associates are affiliated with MedMetrics, the sponsoring organization.  For further information or to enroll, email Karen Wolfe at karenwolfe@medmetrics.org.


One Response to “Our Online Seminar On Auditing Managed Care”

  1. paula muncy Says:

    I would like to attend the session. Please send me the materials. Thanks, PM

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