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Now Open For Comments

January 9, 2007

The “Comments” function is now working. I look forward to hearing from you.

A First Glance at Gov. Schwarzenegger’s Health Plan

January 9, 2007

Gov. Schwarzenegger provided a more detailed look at his universal coverage plan today. (His overview is here.) The Governor’s initiative has enormous significance for three reasons:

  1. It will affect one out of every 10 Americans.
  2. Congress is watching state initiatives closely, looking for a workable national model.
  3. It will be more easier for Democrats to push a national health plan that includes ideas proposed by one of the country’s most prominent Republicans.

A preliminary look suggests the plan has some very smart ideas, and that there are areas of concern. It also gives us a good idea who the winners and losers will be if this plan becomes law. (Please note that these observations are based only on the high-level plan information that’s been made available. Details of the plan could change some of these conclusions.)

Pro’s. First, here are some good things about the plan: Read the rest of this entry »