State-Level Action Roundup

January 5, 2007

While many eyes are focused on Washington, D.C. and the new Congress, there has been a lot of healthcare action at the state level. Here’s a quick roundup:

  • Gov. Schwarzenegger is due to introduce his health plan on Monday. According to this article, it may include some interesting ideas about acknowledging and redistributing the “invisible tax” created by the use of health services by the uninsured;
  • Rubber, meet road: The much-lauded Massachusetts mandated coverage plan (which I have concerns about) is going into effect. It will be interesting to see how the enrollment process unfolds. Tax penalties for individuals go into effect in July.
  • NY Gov. Spitzer discussed some of his health care plans, including coverage for all the state’s children and a program to enroll all eligible adults in Medicaid.
  • There was lots of health care talk as the Missouri Legislature opened its new session.

It will be interesting to see whether a center of gravity forms in the healthcare policy debate – and, if so, whether it is at the state or Federal level.


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